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Safe, Efficient & Insured Jobsites

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Data-Driven Pricing Built for Contractors

Leif works with you to define risk tolerance and automate a Real-Time Risk Management™ program that only alters you when reckless activity occurs.

Protect your time, safeguard your business and qualify for Leif’s proprietary discount up to 15%* for connecting your assets.

Our flagging system turns data into insights to help you promote safety in the jobsite and earn discounted pricing.

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The Leif Team

Leif is an all-lines insurance agency that partners with construction companies to identify and mitigate business risks that can threaten your business.

Leif maintains:

In-House Bond Underwriting
Full-Suite Risk Management Team
Safety & Claims Consulting Group
Construction-Focused Insurance Team


Safe, Efficient & Insured Jobsites


To provide real-time risk management and data enabled underwriting for contractors to increase productivity, protect operations and win more jobs.

Core Values

Humility  |  Connection  |  Innovative  |  Integrity  |  Diligent

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Client Testimonials

“Leif analyzed my balance sheet to maximize my bonding credit, and we implemented a strategy to increase our capacity as much as possible every year. My aggregate bond limit was increased from $20 million to $70 million allowing me to pick up a large $50 million project that I would have missed out on without Leif.”

Joe | Current Client

“I doubled my asset list, installed telematics on my fleet and bought a new insurance policy from Leif for less than half the cost.”

Matt | Current Client

“I made a claim on my damaged equipment fleet, installed telematics and bought a new insurance policy from Leif for half the cost.”

Jeremy | Current Client