Builder's Risk

Leverage Real-Time Risk Management™ for discounts up to 15%*

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More Visibility, Less Vulnerability

Leif's unique approach to Builder's Risk insurance blends proprietary technology with traditional underwriting.

Our Real-Time Risk Management™ increases the visibility of jobsite risks and helps you prevent theft.

Better data and protection earn you discounts up to 15%.

How it Works

Real-Time Risk Management™ gives you a live view of your core business activity, including on-site materials and equipment.

These insights help you segment the project at risk and prevent thieves from using your equipment to load and steal valuable materials.

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Builder's Risk FAQs

How does Real-Time Risk Management™ save me money on my Builder’s Risk insurance?

Real-Time Risk Management™ helps you protect your valuable materials from theft on-site in real-time.  In addition, removing the ability to use a universal key to run your equipment and load your material makes high volume heists harder to facilitate. Reduced theft potential considerably improves your risk factors which reduces your insurance rates for Builder’s Risk insurance. Real-Time Risk Management™ gives you more favorable rates and exclusive discounts up to 15% with Leif.

What is Builder's Risk insurance and who needs it?

Builder’s Risk insurance is a specialized type of property insurance, also called course of construction insurance. It protects the property on a construction site. Builder’s Risk is important coverage for general contractors, subcontractors, building owners, and even architects and engineers. For construction projects, the general contractor often purchases the policy, and then adds the other parties as additional insureds.

What is typically covered in Builder's Risk insurance?

Builder’s Risk insurance typically covers property on a construction site when it’s damaged by unexpected events like fire, vandalism, and accidents. While policies vary, it usually protects the building that’s being built, on-site materials and equipment. It may also cover materials that are damaged or lost in transit to the site. Builder’s risk insurance usually covers all causes of loss that are not specifically excluded. Excluded causes of loss could include employee theft, flooding, and manufacturing defects.

How are the coverage limits decided?

The coverage limits for your Builder’s Risk policy are based on your construction budget, which reflects the total completed value of the project. This value includes all materials and labor costs and excludes land value.

If the project becomes bigger or more costly, can I increase my coverage?

Yes, if the project’s total completed value becomes bigger, you can increase your coverage. And you should, to avoid coverage gaps. Changes to the completed value are common in construction. Just let us know, and we’ll add a change order endorsement to your Builder’s Risk policy.

How long does a Builder's Risk policy last?

Your Builder’s Risk policy lasts until the project is complete. Your policy might consider the project complete when the purchaser accepts the structure, when the building has occupants, or when the structure has been complete for more than a certain period of time (often 90 days). Your insurance agent can tell you exactly when your policy will end.