Equipment Insurance

Leverage Real-Time Risk Management™ for discounts up to 50%*

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Smart Equipment Unlocks Data-Driven Discount Pricing

Manage your equipment in a single ecosystem with Leif's proprietary Real-Time Risk Management™.

  • Anticipate mechanical issues
  • Recover lost or stolen equipment and tools
  • Monitor your assets' location and maintenance needs

Smarter equipment gives you more protection, less downtime, and more earning power. Unlock savings up to 50% with our data-driven discounts.

Prevent Losses and Protect Your Equipment

Leif's technology statistically reduces the risk of loss, which allows us to give you a special discount.

Our proprietary equipment insurance program also includes enhanced coverage like full replacement cost and waived theft deductibles on connected assets.

Using Real-Time Risk Management™, Leif is pioneering new ways to help you work smarter and protect your business, your employees, and your assets.


Equipment Insurance FAQs

Why does Real-Time Risk Management™ save me money on my equipment insurance?

Monitoring and managing your equipment more closely with Real-Time Risk Management™ indicates better maintenance and control measures to insurance carriers. Price points are considered based on comparing your business’s loss potential based on the industry average loss performance of your particular operation. Reducing your potential for most equipment losses sets you apart as “better than average.” Leif’s proprietary equipment insurance program rewards you for utilizing Real-Time Risk Management™ with our exclusive data-driven discount pricing and enhanced coverage solutions.

What types of equipment are covered under Leif’s equipment insurance policy?

Our equipment insurance is a broad-ranging policy that covers damaged or missing equipment and tools. This coverage extends to powered equipment like bulldozers and loaders, as well as hand tools like drills and nail guns. It also covers tools in transit. With Leif, you don’t need specialized policies like work trailer or hand tool insurance. It’s all covered under your equipment insurance policy.

How do I purchase a Leif equipment insurance policy for my owned and rented equipment?

To purchase equipment insurance, just get in touch and we’ll take it from there. Our Real-Time Service promise starts with your first call, text, or chat.

How does Leif’s equipment insurance policy compare in terms of cost and coverage to other insurance options for construction equipment?

Most contractors find Leif’s equipiment insurance policy to be miles ahead of other options on the market. The key differences start with Real-Time Risk Management™:

  • Our policy covers catastrophic exposures
  • If your equipment gets stolen with our GPS tracker installed, we’ll waive your deductible
  • Using our technology qualifies you for data-driven discounts up to 50%