General Liability

Leverage Real-Time Risk Management™ for discounts up to 15%*

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Real-Time Risk Management™ Reduces Non-Permissive Use

Subcontractors and trespassers are two common sources of jobsite losses. Real-Time Risk Management™ helps you take control over liability exposures like damage, injury, and theft.

Properly used telematics on construction equipment helps prevent nonpermissive use and may qualify ou for a proprietary discount up to 15%.*

Fast & Accurate General Liability

Leif understands that managing your liability checklist requires deep attention to detail. Aligning your job contract requirements with the right coverage forms, endorsements, policy limits, and certificate of insurance language can be overwhelming.

Leif’s Real-Time Risk Management™ promise assures you receive an exceptional experiences including fast service and accurate coverage that complies with your contracts and eliminates potential gaps.

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General Liability FAQs

How does Real-Time Risk Management™ save me money on General Liability insurance?

Real-Time Risk Management™ allows you to exercise better control over jobsite liability by limiting non-permissive use of equipment.  This reduces property damage and injury losses from trespassers and 3rd party subs in a meaningful way. Better control over jobsite liability exposures with Real-Time Risk Management™ unlocks more favorable rates with your insurance carrier, and even deeper savings with Leif’s proprietary data-driven discounts up to 15%.

Why do I need General Liability insurance?

General Liability protects your business from claims of bodily injury or property damage. Contractors face several liability exposures that make GL especially important. Working with subcontractors and on a variety of jobsites can expose you to damage, injury, and theft liabilities.

Why choose Leif for General Liability insurance?

At Leif, we know construction. And we’re intimately familiar with the top challenges and exposures you face as a contractor. From reviewing your contracts for coverage alignment to reducing non-permissive equipment use with technology - our experts are on your side from the beginning. You can rely on Real-Time Risk Management™ to help you reduce your exposures and get the best rates.

How is General Liability insurance different from workers compensation and commercial auto?

General liability, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto policies cover different risks for your business. General liability protects your business from liability for bodily injury or property damage it may cause. By contrast, workers compensation is a type of no-fault coverage that’s specific to employees’ work-related injury or illness. Commercial auto covers both damage to commercial vehicles and liability for damage caused by them.